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Wayne, NJ
reply to kickass69

Re: Hurricane Sandy-Frankenstorm Outages/Issues/Updates

I lost power at about 6:45p. (Wayne, NJ). Prior to that, I experienced a heavy slowdown from the typical 60Mbps speed of boost plus down to ~35, which coincided with a series of brownouts. Luckily our three backups tanked the damage and nothing even flinched. Once the power died for good, I immediately went around shutting everything off and then killed the backups to save their batteries **JUST IN CASE...**

A few minutes ago, I got curious and went downstairs to see if the modem would pair. I flipped on the backup, and sat there for the duration of a 4min, 35sec song that was playing on my phone and watched the downstream light blink endlessly. OOL == borked.

Since the winds have really died down, I'm guessing that PSE&G will start sending out crews soon. I'm not sure of the relationship between power and cable repair-wise, what with cable needing power to run its systems and all. I'd like to believe that CV can be proactive and do SOME repairs before PSEG wraps up, but I'm not holding my breath. I'd say power back tomorrow, no earlier than 1pm, with cable following within 36hrs of electric restoration.

Bronx, NY

In general, cable is not allowed to access the poles until the electric company gives the all clear. For the safety of the linemen, and for the simple fact that power is much more important than cable or phone services when everything is down.
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