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Binghamton, NY

[DSL] no power, but still working POTS and DSL :)

What the subject says. Widescale power outages in my area, including right here in town, but our phone service still works, as does my DSL. Took a drive past the local CO and saw that they had trucked in a generator to run things for us.

I knew I wouldn't lose POTS, barring destruction of the outside plant, but I was pleasantly surprised to find my DSL working after I got my generator hooked up. Now all we need is heat and running water....

Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV
Happy to hear that Frontier took action and that you still have POTS and DSL. Hope your electricity comes back on soon.


Stanwood, MI
reply to Crookshanks
Have genny, will play! (or email, or visit forums... YMMV)

North Tonawanda, NY
reply to Crookshanks
Lucky that you come out of the CO and they decided to keep DSL on. I don't think you would have been as lucky with the DSL if you were coming out of a remote!


Grass Lake, MI
·Frontier Communi..
You are spot on regarding the remotes! I'm so close to the MUX I can see it. When our power goes out -- usually falling tree limbs -- it does too.

We had gale force winds in MI and our power flickered once and stayed on. Consumers Energy, our electricity provider, came through last year and cleared a lot of overgrowth so power has been quite a bit more reliable.

Just one of the hazards of living in the beautiful boonies.


Binghamton, NY
reply to Smith6612
It doesn't surprise me that they kept the DSLAM running on generator power, but I was mildly surprised that they opted to keep it running on battery power before the generator was trucked in. Our power went out at 12:15am, while the generator was trucked in sometime between 10am and 2pm, so we can conclude that they ran the entire CO off battery power for at least ten hours.

To their credit, Blue Ridge Cable kept their plant up and running as well. They trucked in tiny little generators that were stacked on their field repeaters. It sure would have been nice if Time Warner had made plans to do that in the Binghamton area, following Irene and Lee last year. Some of my friends were without cable service for more than a week after that. A local insurance agency that I work with had to run their entire operation off cell phones, which is inexcusable in my mind. I have an e-mail from one of the local Time Warner executives, wherein he blames the local power utility for the problems. Hey, it's not our fault!