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reply to UnknownFact

Re: EVE ONLINE - official corp or alliance for BBR?

said by UnknownFact:

Everything was going well until BoB targeted us and used their massive military power and spy network to destroy us. Haven't played since then but had a blast when I did.

Ya. I was instrumental as a director in getting my corp (Trade Consortium) in right before the war started. We moved to Paragon Soul first, then shortly after evacuated to AZN in Feyth. Then Cyvok lost his titan and that was that.

I hated BoB from that point on. I am proud to say that I was with goons when we decided to go full bore into evicting BoB from Delve/PB/Querious. There are some that look down their nose at goons over the whole meta-gaming aspect of that victory - to them i say toss off and get over your e-honour BS. BoB had a LOT of favors go their way when they had developers IN their alliance.

I love eve. Jobie you should definitely give it a go. The game is very different now from a new player aspect than it was when bitter-vets like myself reminisce of our days-of-noob. New players get a much easier go at it so dont let the murmurings of steep learning curves discourage you. Get yourself into a corporation and make some friends. Eve sucks on your own.

There are some great videos on youtube search:

Permaband - HTFU (uploaded by CCP games it's a fun video put out by CCP themselves featuring some of the top brass)


EVE Online: Inferno Trailer (uploaded by CCP games is basically where we are at right now.)

and finally

EVE Fanfest Cinematic Trailer 2012 (uploaded by CCPGAMES - its basically where we are headed when we incorporate Dust514 into the EVE universe)

Jobie if you decide to play or have any questions about it pm on the forums here.
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Keep It Simple

Thanks Urbang33k, I will get the free version and PM you for tips or a full tutorial.
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Earth Orbit

I don't believe EVE has a free version, just a 14 day trial for first timers a la WoW.

Basement Dweller

said by Krisnatharok:

I don't believe EVE has a free version, just a 14 day trial for first timers a la WoW.

there's a 21 day buddy invite.

and if you can make enough isk, you can plex your account, so it's more or less "free"