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reply to yyzlhr

Re: Rogers secretely removes $50 Max Charge on Rocket Hub

While I appreciate you trying to inform me, trying to tell me what I was told when I signed up for the service and throughout the use of said service is simply ridiculous. They may not have it written down anywhere, but throughout my contract I have been told by them that I did in fact have a cap, both through my bills and through phone conversations. My bill never indicated that I would be charged for overages, nor did it mention that overages might at some point be applied. Just a month ago they called about an upgrade, at which point they told me not to bother because the overage fees without the cap that I had in place would be extremely high. The fact of the matter is that they decided to remove a feature that they offered, both without any notice AND denying that it even ever existed. If they said, "ok from this point forth you will no longer have this cap" then I could have cancelled my service ahead of time and avoided a $300 bill for service that doesnt even deserve a $20 monthly payment tbh. $300.00 with less than 1Mbit/s and a 10gb cap for a residential internet service in 2012 is simply absurd. Its like they dont want me to use the internet...


Scarborough, ON
All I said is that there is nothing written or advertised about this cap which is completely true. I never said anything about what you were told verbally. As I suggested to the OP, you should write to the privacy office to obtain account notes or call transcripts where you were told about the $50 cap and present them to the CCTS. Without that evidence, there is no CCTS case IMO.


reply to serpico06
serpico06, ignore yyzlhr. Your bills for the past 2.5-years are proof enough you had it. File your complaint and make note that call records should also contain this as you stated.