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Never lost power but internet (Opt. Online) and TV both down

My street never lost power during Sandy (amazingly given the tree damage), but we lost BOTH Optimum Online internet service (use VOIP as well) and Cablevision TV service about 26 hours ago. :-(
Zip code 07642 (in Bergen County).

To make matters worse, Sprint (mobile provider) is down so no cell phone for calls or data either. Sprint card for work is not working either.

Could make calls, at times, for $2.95 + $1 per minute collect using roaming (i.e. connecting to another provider ' America something or other') via cell phone. Talk about helping people out during an unprecedented storm! :-(

Office was closed today and supposed to work remotely but thanks to no internet I could not. Family in area had same problems so could not use their connection either


Brooklyn, NY
in Brooklyn (11214) never lost power but lost all CV services Monday night around 9pm. Still nothing.

Sprint cell phone services are always bad here (live between 2 towers so calls keep dropping) and sprint's mobile cell site device obviously is offline since it can't get to the internet via my cablevision connection. Verizon cell service was really good until it totally disappeared yesterday around noon. Cellphone tower must not have power and its backup battery died.

Currently "borrowing" neighbors wifi (he is on verizion dsl) and using skype for phone in order to continue working remotely. Our office is offline, on 23rd street in the city without any power. Everything including our datacenter is down.