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Westville, NJ

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reply to dolphins

Re: [hard drive] CDM tests have me worried...

SMART results:

*** DiskCheckup V3.1 Build: 1005 Report ***

SysInfo DLL Version: SysInfo v1.0 Build: 1028
Time of export: 17:03:50 31-Oct-2012

Device information:
Device ID: 0
Interface: SCSI
Device Capacity: 1907726 MB
Serial Number: WD-WMAY02279284
Model Number: WDC WD2002FAEX-007BA0
Firmware Revision: 05.01D05
C: 1907726 MB

ATA information:

Disk geometry:
Cylinders: 258401
Tracks/Cylinder: 240
Sectors/Track: 63
Bytes/Sector: 512
Total disk sectors: 3907029168
Logical sector size: 512
Physical sector size: 512
Media rotation rate: N/A
Buffer size: 0 KB
ECC size: 50 Bytes

Standards compliance:
ATA8-ACS Supported: Yes
ATA/ATAPI-7 Supported: Yes
ATA/ATAPI-6 Supported: Yes
ATA/ATAPI-5 Supported: Yes
ATA/ATAPI-4 Supported: Yes
Serial/Parallel: Serial
SATA 3.0 Compilance: No
SATA 2.6 Compilance: Yes
SATA 2.5 Compilance: Yes
SATA II: Ext Compilance: Yes
SATA 1.0a Compilance: Yes
ATA8-AST Compilance: No
World Wide ID: 50014EE6012A4DF2

Feature support:
SMART supported: Yes
SMART enabled: Yes
SMART self-test supported: Yes
SMART error log supported: Yes
LBA supported: Yes
IORDY supported: Yes
CFast supported: No
DMA supported: Yes
Maximum Multiword DMA mode supported: 2
Multiword DMA selected: None
Maximum UltraDMA mode supported: 6
UltraDMA selected: 5
Maximum PIO mode supported: 4
SATA Compliance: Yes
NCQ priority information supported: Yes
Unload while NCQ commands are outstanding supported: No
Phy Event Counters supported: Yes
Receipt of power management requests supported: Yes
NCQ feature set supported: Yes
SATA Gen2 Signaling Speed (3.0Gb/s) supported: Yes
SATA Gen1 Signaling Speed (1.5Gb/s) supported: Yes
Software Settings Preservation: Supported, Enabled
In-order data delivery: Not supported
Initiating power management: Not supported
DMA Setup auto-activation: Supported, Disabled
Non-zero buffer offsets: Not supported
Trusted Computing supported: No
Host Protected Area (HPA) supported: Yes
Read look-ahead supported: Yes
Read look-ahead enabled: Yes
Write cache supported: Yes
Write cache enabled: Yes
Power management supported: Yes
Security mode supported: Yes
Security mode enabled: No
Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) supported: Yes
48bit Addressing supported: Yes
Auto Acoustic Managment (AAM) supported: No
Power-up in Standby (PUIS) supported: Yes
Power-up in Standby (PUIS) enabled: No
Advanced Power Management (APM) supported: No
CompactFlash Association (CFA) supported: No
General Purpose Logging (GPL) supported: Yes
Streaming supported: No
Media card pass through supported: No
Extended power conditions supported: No
Extended status reporting supported: No
Write-read-verify supported: No
Free-fall control supported: No
TRIM command supported: No
SCT command transport supported: Yes
NV Cache enabled: No
NV Cache Power Management supported: No

ID Description Status Value Worst Threshold Raw Value TEC
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
1 Raw Read Error Rate OK 200 200 51 0 N.A.
3 Spin Up Time OK 253 253 21 8758 N.A.
4 Start/Stop Count OK 100 100 0 427 N.A.
5 Reallocated Sector Count OK 200 200 140 0 N.A.
7 Seek Error Rate OK 200 200 0 0 N.A.
9 Power On Time OK 89 89 0 8606 N.A.
10 Spin Retry Count OK 100 100 0 0 N.A.
11 Calibration Retry Count OK 100 100 0 0 N.A.
12 Power Cycle Count OK 100 100 0 416 N.A.
192 Power off Retract Count OK 200 200 0 401 N.A.
193 Load Cycle Count OK 200 200 0 25 N.A.
194 Temperature OK 111 98 0 41 C N.A.
196 Reallocation Event Count OK 200 200 0 0 N.A.
197 Current Pending Sector Count OK 200 200 0 0 N.A.
198 Uncorrectable Sector Count OK 200 200 0 0 N.A.
199 UltraDMA CRC Error Count OK 200 200 0 0 N.A.
200 Write Error Count OK 200 200 0 0 N.A.

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Mountain View, CA
Hard to read due to lack of use of [code]
blocks, but the drive appears to be in perfectly good shape; nothing wrong with the drive or any indications of it having substrate problems.
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