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Monitor Heater question.

I have a Monitor Heater that uses K1... Not cheap. In past winters I had a pretty set routine that I set the Monitors timer to. Lower the ten when I am out for the day. Ease it just before I get home. It has worked great.
This year my schedule is not as stable or predictable. Example. One day I may work 6am- 6:30pm. The next might be 10:00am to 6pm. Or yet another might me 6 am to 11am. This schedule changes every week and there is no way to figure out what times to program in the heater.
The last foes days I left home for 8 hours but turned off the heater for the day. When I get home, turn it on and in minutes the heater is going full out to catch up.
I have heard this is not only bad for saving oil. Setting a timer is best for both counts.
What do you recommend?

boogi man

Jacksonville, FL
perhaps a network addressable t-stat that has remote login capability? that way when you leave just turn it down then an hour before you'll be home start the warm-up.
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reply to Girl2
Sounds like you are really asking two different questions. How to maximize savings and how to maximize comfort.

The setback argument has been beaten to death. The lower the temperature the higher the savings. It takes less energy to maintain a lower inside temperature in winter, heat is always leaking out driven by the temperature difference between inside and outside. When you come back and crank up the temperate the system has to work hard so it may take a while to bring temperature back up to a comfortable level. During that period energy use is high but on balance less then if you maintained a constant temperature the entire time. Obviously need to be concerned about freezing pipes, damage to plants and pet health if you lower it too much.

Agree with boogi man See Profile since your schedule is so unpredictable having a thermostat that is accessible over the Internet will let you remote adjust temperature.

Since this sounds works related the length of time you are gone is predictable. That suggests another possible solution. Not sure if there are thermostats that allow manual setback for a programmed amount of time. You could probably cobble up something yourself using two thermostats with different set points and switching between them. Set the second one to the "away temperature and use a switch to select which thermostat is controlling heating.



Lansing, MI
My Honeywell TH8321 has a feature where you can set a "hold" time. By pushing the hold button, you tell the thermostat what temperature you want, and then "hold until 4:00" and it does it's magic.

OP would have to set the default (normal) temp to what they want to come home to, and by the sound of it all four of the setback periods to the higher (occupied) temp because of random schedule. When they left the house or went to bed they could activate the hold feature for 1, 2, 8, hours or whatever time they desire.