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Orangeville, ON
reply to sbrook

Re: Rogers secretely removes $50 Max Charge on Rocket Hub

My past two bills came to $132 which included my contracted highest flex plan rate for 10Gb plus the $50 max overage charge. A couple days ago I clicked on my online bill statement and it said my total owed was $640.50. I was not happy.

I called Rogers support and complained that I didn't think I should be charged this much. I said my past two bills had only come to $132 and I hadn't been notified of any future changes on my online bill statement. After waiting for like an hour for the tech to peruse my file he came to the conclusion that because I was on an older plan which is no longer offered I had indeed been overcharged. He credited my account $508.50 to bring the bill down to the usual $132 from the past two months. I thanked him and after I hung up I checked my account online and it had indeed gone down to that $132 total.

Now, I am quite over the cap for this month. Seeing as it takes Rogers two weeks to send me the previous month's online bill summary for some reason I was unable to cut back my internet usage. Hopefully I won't be on the line next month begging to have my account credited again.

Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
·Rogers Portable ..

You'll likely have to call each and every month. I am on an old iphone 4 plane, overage is $5 per 500MB..sold in blocks, since iOS 6 has come out, the phone chews about 10MB/day regardless. Naturally, I was overcharged, but not by what my contract is, but by they're current rules. I did get my money back, but not looking forward to calling them every month if I go over.

To the original poster, who at CBC are you talking to? I am sure a lot of people here have horror stories of Rogers answer the others like Bell.
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