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Stamford, CT

[OOL] Strange Issue May be Storm related

So I am a Sysad here in CT. My Area was hit by Sandy I lost power for like 6 hours no biggy considered that other areas weren't so lucky. Power came back but ool was down. One thing that bugged me though it looked like the cable modem complete boots. Solid blue receive light lit all others solid green with the link link blinking blue (Docsis 3 Motorola Modem) OOL Boost +

So talking to my landlord I happen to ask them if they have internet they have standard ool. The answer was yes. I thought shit why do they have it and not me.. I have a dhcp assigned address of 24.185.176.xxx using Linux Centos 6.3 minimal (iptables, vmware workstation, all that good stuff) But I can't ping the gateway or bring up the modem status/signal page.

I decided to do a sanity check and plug the link directly into a win 7 laptop. Sure enough it works I get an ip of 69.114.247.xxx and im using it to post here.

Anyone running into this issue ? Does OOL assign linux users to a different ip pool ? Or is it hardware address based ? Or some other magic ? why is one address pool working and not the other storm related ? I'm just curious if it's something on my end or if it's something that will be resolved due to the magnitude of Sandy's effects. Or maybe ool is mad at me not sure why not like I'm a p2p hog or anything.

Any input would be great !

Best Regards

Dog And Butterfly
East Stroudsburg, PA
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IP is assigned by MAC address, change the MAC address you get a new one. You can clone the MAC address from the laptop onto the WAN interface of the Linux router(it should then get the same IP as the Laptop) and see if the problem goes away but if you are pulling a 24.XXX address you do have connectivity, so it could be a problem with the Linux router.
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Piscataway, NJ
reply to d3vnu119

Since you're a sysadmin, I assume you rebooted your router and/or release/renewed it's IP address, right? What IP did the router get when you did that.


Stamford, CT
reply to d3vnu119

Thanks for the replies guys. Turns out in /etc/sysconfig/network I had hard coded the gateway address which caused all the issues. So when I was assigned a new ip the old gateway there caused dhclient to timeout but basically assign the old lease it last knew about. working now.