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Re: [Classes] Monk Mistweaver

My mistweaver is currently at 87 right. Got clearance from the GM of my guild to switch from rsham to Mmonk for this xpac, so now i'm hugely focusing on getting this toon raid ready. Guild has a DMC and other resto gear in waiting for me now.

I can see what you're saying Arch and you're right with the Spirit of course. I haven't used Thunder tea that much (have it on my bar, don't remember what it does). I'll have to play with that more.

Off-topic question: Is there a gear vendor where you can buy a complete set of gear in Dread Wastes or something (similar to the one in Jade Forest) where it'll make it easy to transition between specs?

At 86, I picked up Wmonk and of course most of the quest rewards go for what spec you are so i only have a majority illvl 372 greens and a couple 410 blues for mistweaver now.
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You won't use thunder tea until you're in a raid environment.

The idea is to get 2 of those hots out and when the first one is about to expire, pop the thunder tea, hit uplift and renew all those durations. You can get 2 more hots out for a total of about 16 players. If you have constant raid damage and get to the point where your mana is of no concern, you could spam uplift for ridiculous amounts of numbers.
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