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No Stooge
Jefferson, GA
reply to luckydriver

Re: why is billing so antiquated?

I agree that many businesses who use auto-pay by credit card routinely send out notification emails in advance of your credit card expiration date; however, as wheelbarrow pointed out...bottom line: it is your card and your responsibility to know when it expires.

My guess is that their auto pay system isn't sophisticated enough to recognize the fact that months have different lengths, and that February doesn't have a 29, 30, or 31 (except once every four years it does have a 29.) In simple terms: all months have 28 days, without exception so the auto-pay can be consistent throughout the year.

You also need to understand what their system does when your selected day falls on a weekend or holiday. Many systems will process the payment on the first business day prior to the auto-pay date, so be advised so you won't be surprised.
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Reading, PA

this is untrue..for the past year it's been taken out on the 30th and i've confirmed that on my statements...so the autopay has worked for the past few years..unsure why such the hassle now

plus if it's not possible to take out on the 30th why would my statement say this will be charged oct 30? something smells rotten here.

have to wait until after work to call and cant wait to hear what they say