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Washington, DC

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reply to ropeguru

Re: Getting 305/65

said by ropeguru:

As a curiosity only and not to condemn anything you do at home, but would you mind sharing what it is that you do on a residential connection to need that much bandwidth?

To be honest, for the download 305mbit/s is probably overkill. It's the upload I need. The latency and lack of that comes with fiber is also a huge plus. If this were via coax, I probably wouldn't get it.

For starters, I'd consider myself a heavy user user - eg. Netflix, Bitcasa, Backblaze. I've also got my own server in colo where I just mount it's 5TB NAS over SSHFS that way I have a set of files wherever I go.

While this isn't a work connection (I'd figure less than 50% of my usage is work related), I do have to occasionally use it for work.

I have VMs written at home for specific setups that I need to replicate for x problem. So I've got about a terabyte full of VMs (RRDs take up a lot of space!). When I'm using my laptop at work and I need specific vm, just rsync it over to my laptop at work.

I've also got a few xen boxes which I bootstrap installs over sitting at home for personal labs and such.

Usage wise, I did close to 5TB last month. I'm just a heavy user in general though (used ~30 some gigs on my cellphone this month »pbs.twimg.com/media/A6TrabRCMAEV···ng:large )

When you don't have to worry about caps and such, you find that you use a lot more bandwidth. Eg. Sure I could sync music but why bother with that when I have it all on the cloud.

Mechanicsville, VA

Interesting... Makes complete sense.