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Riviere-Beaudette, QC

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reply to elwoodblues

Re: CRTC wants public help on new wireless rules

The issue of outrageous TOS by cellphone companies has been addressed in Quebec by new articles in the Quebec Consumers Protection Act in 2010. The changes actually cover all kind of fixed term contracts. I saw in the newspapers during summer that Ontario has a bill on the table also ( I dont know what happened with it after that ).

Basically, the penalties for getting out of a fixed-term contract are now very limited in Quebec. Changing the TOS without first noticing clients is forbidden and rebilling for a new term without prior written notice is also forbidden. They also cannot auto-renew for another fixed term unless you want it. They can only renew on a monthly basis after the first term is completed.

All those companies now have a " distinct " contract for Quebec residents and never abandoned the market because of those limitations. Other provinces just need to do the same.

But the question of outrageous rates for data transfer using the cell services is up to the CRTC to decide. And I sure hope they will do something.


The Quebec consumer act doesn't touch on all the issues. Only some.

The new Manitoba one is good also. But again doesn't touch on everything.

Peter Piper

The comments being filed w/ the CRTC in regards to this appears to be petering off at 834 filed comments.


Doesn't seem like much.