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reply to John0067

Re: Gen4 on home network

Not sure I completely follow your post, but essentially what you need to do is connect your HN modem to the WAN port and let the HN modem assign an IP to your router WAN. If that is in the 192.168.0.xxx range then so be it.

Then you set your Router to, and all your home devices on the 1.xxx subnet, whether fixed IP, or DHCP (the Router would have to be told what IP address range of .1.xxx to .1.yyy to assign). For all your LAN devices that are not DHCP, you tell them that your Internet gateway is and you're done--the router knows to route to the WAN side regardless of what the HN modem has assigned to its WAN port, or what IP address in the WWW the HN modem is talking at the moment.

That it worked before for you is fine, but the above I think is the more reasonable way to set-up, and should be easy for you with less than 10 LAN devices (I have 50 or 60).


Westminster, SC
Thank you laserfan!

I had tried your setup (which I recognize as the standard way to setup a router) earlier, but apparently I had some little thing wrong, and it did not work. I assumed that it was due to something strange with the Hughes modem.

Today, I redid the entire setup exactly like you outlined, and all is well! I can connect to the internet, and use all my local devices.

Thanks again! And thank you dslreports for sponsoring this forum.