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Calabash, NC

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Toshiba laptop no sound device

I think I pretty much know the answer to this, but I'm going to ask anyway as a 2nd opinion.

Toshiba Satellite A205-S5825 brought to me because it had no sound. Checking the system, the sound icon in the corner says "No sound output device is installed" - ok, must be borked drivers. Check device manager, and there is nothing there related to sound, nothing there related to "unknown devices" either. THAT is the kicker, the device is simply GONE. Run the toshiba diagnostics and no errors come up, but it tells me "No sound" under the diagnostics.

I took the laptop apart, and could fine no unplugged cables, burn marks, etc. so all I can guess is that the sound chip just plainly croaked.

The BIOS doesn't give me any options as far as enabling / disabling onboard devices, and nothing is listed in there as it being disabled.

Ideas? I might try a BIOS update to see if I get some more options, but I highly doubt that will happen.

*edit* Updated to latest BIOS, and still nothing in there as far as enabling audio goes, it gives me NIC enable/disable, but no audio.

Belleville, IL

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Typically, hardware not seen by Windows is faulty.

Based on what you have done so far, I agree, the audio chipset is dead.
Google is your Friend

Calabash, NC
Thanks Dogg, that's what I figured, but it's always good to seek 2nd opinions to verify.

I keep telling myself I've seen nearly everything, but this is another first for me. I've seen flaky onboard sound, but never one that totally vanished from a system before.