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North York, ON
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reply to crumbworks

Re: [DSL] Modem issue / possible replacement

said by ChuckcZar :

If the power supply is AC then the power supply has gone bad. Or it could be the firmware if you used the latest international firmware which tries to synch at the highest possible upload speed. This causes the modem to synch at a lower rate and possibly interleaved. Always use the latest firmware from the UK. DKS advised everyone to use the latest international firmware. This is why you shouldn't use it.

Do you mean the AC adapter cord? Interesting. I wonder if I have another with same connector and same voltage that I could test that theory with...

I have never flashed the firmware on it. It says "THOMSON TG585 v7"

said by Mike2009:

Here are some good choices.

Thanks. Will look into those. The D-Link you pointed out has great reviews on Newegg, and at $10 cheaper, seems like a good deal.

said by TSILiz:

If you have eliminated everything other than the modem as what is causing the disconnects (it seems you already have) a factory reset is a good last step before replacing the modem.

Thanks Elizabeth. I already tried the factory reset as I said, and at least its working for now... but the issue is intermittent. Replacement seems the best option, I guess.


Ottawa, ON

The D-Link is great. They even go on sale once in awhile. I paid $26 for mine.