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[DVR] SA 8300HD Question

I'm a n00b, please bear with me: I have Comcast cable, the not-fancy kind with my internet service. I have a DCI DTA connected to my cable and into my TV. A friend gave me their SA 8300HD because they no longer needed it. Can I just plug it into the wall in place of the DTA or does it need to be setup by Comcast to do anything? I'd like to use the DVR feature.

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Bath, ME
If its still on their account it will work. But if they have removed it,it will go into a deactivate mode. Usually you cant transfer equipment. Each area is a little different in that regard. Here once the equipment comes off the account it is supposed to wait 30 days before it goes back out. You can pick up a dvr or have a change of service setup to install one on your account.


Houston, TX
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It will not work unless Comcast authorizes it and Comcast probably will not authorize it. If your friend leased it from Comcast, he needs to return it. If he got it on ebay, etc., it may be stolen or lost.


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thanks for the info, CJ. i plugged it in and there's no action, so i'm guessing it's in "deactivate". no big. it was the thought that counted. i'm perfectly content with what i get with the other box.
hello to ME from MA!

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Saint Paul, MN
reply to seizer1975
And if the person who gave it to you hasn't been already, they will probably be billed for not returning the box, and if not paid, turned over to collections when the bill isn't paid.


Thanks for the tips, guys. I'll let him know he may want it back!