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Re: Sudbury ON - FibreOP FTTH - job fair Thursday 6pm

Hey Guys,

I meant to touch base with you all sooner, but as you can imagine it has been a hectic past couple months at Bell!

The build is going great - a lot of behind the scenes red-tape has been dealt with and it should be moving ahead much faster. It is an extremely large FTTH deployment, and as you can imagine it requires extensive planning before each neighbourhood can be wired up. Not nearly as simple as running some cables onto poles.

This weekend we had Lasalle at Notre Dame reduced to one lane to run the Fibre across the intersection to the CSP(central splice point). With this being done, the entire north side of Lasalle is now complete and the neighbourhood across from the Lasalle Cemetery(Somers to Madeleine) will be live within a few days.


Nice to hear from you JohnB, and likewise nice to see the project is progressing. I hate to ask when everything can change in a heartbeat, but would I be wrong to hope for access in the flour mill by year's end? Is rollout going to continue over the winter, or is temperature/snow a limiting factor here?


Val Therese, ON
reply to JohnB15
I've noticed in the past couple of weeks more trucks running Fibre on new poles in Valley East (Val Caron, Hanmer). Is this Bell FTTH or someone else?


do the trucks say vista care on the side?