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Tannersville, PA
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Re: Day 5, no power

said by AVD:

said by jazzlady:

As for the cost of running the thing- my 8000 watt generator takes about 5 gallons a day if running for about 12-16 hours. Even if a bigger genny were needed for a gas station, it still wouldn't cost them all that much to run it for say- 12 hours a day, because they would make the money back in profits.

don't forget, a gas station get the fuel wholesale.


I don't know what the profit margin is on fuel, but FWIW- the stations here that do have power have already jacked their prices up by about .20 cents a gallon, and they don't have hungry generators to feed.
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Profit margins on gas are generally VERY low and they are loss leaders. I've been to quite a few places where the store owner complains that they make little to NO money on the gas they sale. The gas simply draws people in so that they buy other things that the store owners CAN make some money from...

Quakertown, PA

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If your gas station trulely raised the price by 20 cents a gallon. You need to report them. At least in pennsylvania it is illegal to raise the price of gas at all during a natural disaster. Its a very steep fine to the tune of 5000.00 for the first report and 10,000.00 for any subsequent reports. Same laws apply to batteries in pa. If 4 people report them its 35,000 dolllars and a very big lesson learned. The law applies to wholesalers and retailers meaning no price should go up unless gouging is taking place. The pa attorney general can take your complaint.