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Los Angeles, CA

DHCP mac address?

I'm a first time user of cable internet, have been using DSL for 10 years. Days ago, got hooked up to Charter 30M and I'm impressed with the speed, constantly clocked over 35M down and 2.5-3.0 up.
Weeks ago I got a call from my friend saying the charter internet isn't working after he mess up the router and a reset, he can only get an ip if he directly connect the PC to the modem, the router simply cannot acquire IP, after messing around for 30 minutes, I tried "clone mac address" trick, now we get IP... It seems like charter has logged his PC's Mac address and wouldn't allow any other device with different mac address to connect to it.

Now fast forward couple weeks, after i have my Charer setup, i notice both my PC and router can individually acquire IP although they both have different mac address.
My question is: does Charter still check address before giving ip? if Charter does, is it a regional thing?


The Dalles, OR
It may be regional, and it may be simply that your DHCP lease expired between when you disconnected one and reconnected the other. In areas where it gets tied to a MAC address (assuming it IS regional), it seems to also be tied to the DHCP lease - if that expires, so does the MAC lock. Leaving the modem unplugged for a while (an hour or so) is typically enough time for the DHCP lease to expire, at which point it can be connected to something else. The downside is that you'll also get a new IP since it's getting a new lease instead of renewing an existing one.


Monroe, MI
reply to lemonade
If your router or PC requests an address too frequently, it is deemed chatty and shoved into a blacklist.

His messing with the router probably caused the WAN interface to restart (if he's using older versions of OpenWRT or other third party firmware) repeatedly as he made edits, and he entered the blacklist zone.

You have to pretty much fake a MAC address if you're going to do much experimenting.


Los Angeles, CA
reply to lemonade
Thanks guys, that explain why.
I'm very happy with the service so far, very fast and stable.
A couple questions, the installation tech told me that charter guarantee 70% of advertised speed any time, is that true?

I asked the tech about clear QAM, and he said i won't be getting any cable tv signal from the wire because he installed a filter, and told me even he doesn't install the filter, I shouldn't use the signal for TV if my package doesn't have it, because it's "stealing".


Nashville, TN
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reply to lemonade
before I upgraded, I was told that 10mbps on the 15mbps plan was acceptable. So, that's only 70% of the advertised plan....
and I only got about 9 tops.

however, i'm on the 30 mbps plan and I'm getting about 35 mbps.
So depends on the modem and your node.

Having a gigabit router helps as well. the Cisco modem already has a gigabit lan port