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What Are The Full Requirements For TWC On-Line Bill Pay?

Asking about this for some customers who are confused about this. Years ago I tried this and it said after one click, "Congratulations, you are all set for on-line bill pay. Click here to go Paperless or check the box to continue to receive paperless statements."

However, at that time TWC had no on-line connection to our back and for personal reasons, we still get our statements in the mail. However, we have on-line bill pay with our bank but we set it up with our bank. (not TWC.) When the bill comes through snail-mail, we pay it through our on-line bank.

Years ago, on the back of TWC statements there was a form that you had to fill out to begin on-line bill pay PLUS, TWC needed a copy of the customer's cancelled check to activate on-line bill pay. Some questions:

1.) With the NEW and Current Web Site Design, what, besides registering for a My Services Account is needed to begin On-Line Bill Pay? How is this represented on the new site?

2.) If you don't have on-line bill pay and do not want on-line bill pay, can you currently just view your bill on-line?

3.) Can you still get paper statements if you opt in to On-Line Bill Pay? Can you change this at the site? How long does processing take to activate On-Line Bill Pay or make changes to account options?

4.) How long does it take to start and stop on-line bill pay.? Can you stop On-Line Bill Pay, if you do not like the service?

Feel free to comment and provide any experiences with this service.



Dallas, TX
I cant imagine going thru all that just to pay one bill. Why not just use a debit or credit card to pay online? Thats how I do it every month and its instant. As soon as I pay, theres a confirmation and tracking number, I write it on the bill and it goes in the file.

Yeah, seriously.

I've been using credit card auto pay on everything I can for as long as I can remember. Anything more than that, I’m too lazy to make the effort. I couldn’t imagine doing all that manually and doing it for each company I deal with. But yes, you should be able to view your bill online in PDF format no matter how you pay, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to. Yes, you can still get paper bills if you pay online.
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