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Completely unacceptable

Apparently all of my HD service has been out for at least 5 days. I sat down in front of my TV for the first time tonight all week hoping to catch up on my TV shows, and nothing recorded this week unless it was on a network. I start flipping through all of my HD channels and get a message that says something like I am not subscribed and to call WoW for service. The only HD channels that worked were the networks. I had a 52 minute wait on hold for a Sunday night at 9:00pm CST. Sending a signal didn't work. Rebooting the box didn't work. Truck roll coming on Tuesday. I'm calling back and I want at least 7 days worth of credit on my video service and an additional $2.99 since I'm going to have to buy The Walking Dead off iTunes tomorrow. I will settle for nothing less or I will walk somewhere else. This is frustrating. I had at least a month's worth of crappy internet service recently, the result of which was a tech coming out, saying all my equipment was ok, and that it was an area wide problem they hadn't figured out yet, but to be patient. The internet problems cleared up and now its video problems. I don't know what happened. The phone tech said something about a big changeover in computer systems last week and some customers didn't make the changeover or something.


Strongsville, OH

I'm having the same issue with Ultra in Columbus. Tech is coming in the evening. I'll let you know if any progress is made.


reply to BM

That is what happened to me. Started Thursday morning.

I caught it early and was able to get it fixed. From what I gathered you are not in their current billing system correctly. From what my wife was told they knew this might happen to some customers....

A call to customer service can get the service restored. Push for a credit.

Volitar Prime

Utica, MI
reply to BM

This happened to me a week ago. It was an issue with their new account setup which somehow reset me to a super low service plan of locals only. They were able to fix it from their end.

It did take me about two hours to get through though...


Strongsville, OH
reply to BM

Dan was able to resolve my issue. Much thanks!

Redford, MI
reply to BM

Once you are back, some might be on on-demand hopefully.


reply to BM

missed walking dead. so sorry. i would have had to buy from itunes as well if i missed it. GREAT SHOW.