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Gainesville, VA

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Re: [Storm 2012] Outages NYC

Re: [Storm 2012] Outages NYC
November 5th - Updates on power outages and service restores as of 11:00am:

•New York City - overall in New York, since the storm hit 73% of customers have been restored. This mirrors the progression of power restoration throughout the city – ConEd is reporting 80% power restore throughout New York City.
Seventy-two buildings were walked, cleared and services restored over the weekend in Manhattan. 78% of Manhattan has been restored; however, lower Manhattan remains under intense clean-up and repair.
Many locations remain inaccessible. »www.rcn.com/images/stormwatch/Ne···mEST.pdf

Lower Manhattan – below 39th on the East side and below 31st St on the West side.
Stuy Town - continued multiple daily checks for access. Still flooded areas.
Waterside Plaza – no power and still flooded. Continued multiple daily checks for access.
Nickerbocker Village – no power and still flooded. Continued multiple daily checks for access.
Throughout lower Manhattan, electricity not entirely stable. Residents are being asked to conserve energy.

Brooklyn - has 98% of customers restored.For the Oceana Complex, RCN crews have accessed six out of the nine buildings there and have restored video services. This complex was badly flooded and water is still being pumped out. Continued visits to these areas to attempt access for restore.
Queens - there remain 12 locations where RCN crews are in close contact with ConEd to begin restoration - all of these locations were surveyed today. In these locations, police barricades, fallen trees and lack of power cause an inability to begin repairs. It remains that in these areas, 37% of customers have had services restored.
Limited mass transit - schools opening today.
Fuel conservation continues; although barges are now coming in with shipments. With gas and diesel shortages, RCN crews are conserving fuel and prioritizing vehicle usage. NYPD is patrolling fuel shortages.
Additional crews are on the ground from Washington, DC providing relief and support to New York technicians.
Where possible, RCN has resumed normal business operations with technicians performing customer installations and service calls.

•Lehigh Valley - Utility company reports confirm that 7, 300 homes in the Lehigh Valley are without electrical power as downed trees and other impairments continue to hamper restoration progress. The RCN areas still affected by a lack of electrical service are Williams Township and small sections of Riegelsville and Emmaus. In those areas crews have been dispatched to begin repairs in preparation for electrical restoration on all but that which has suffered significant damage. In all other locations continuing issues are now being addressed on an individual basis. Where both electricity and RCN services have been reactivated, we have resumed normal business operations with technicians performing installations and service calls.
Our walk-in customer service center in Bethlehem is open for business as follows: Monday-Thursday: 8am-6pm, Friday: 8am-8pm, and Saturday: 8:30am-1pm.

•Philadelphia/Delaware County - We have resumed normal business operations with technicians performing installations and service calls. Continuing issues are now being addressed on an individual basis.

All Updates and Tips: »www.rcn.com/j/stormwatch

We hope you and your family remain safe during this weather occurrence. Natural disasters are very stressful and we want you to know we will be here for you.


To the VIP representatives of RCN Emilie and Jason we do appreciate your info and updates. The point is RCN as company is taking way to slow, and those areas have power like Astoria. RCN as main ISP provider should have done something to accelerate and resolve the problem. The customer see this as both inability of the company and the negligence toward this specific area it does not translate good no matter how going to explain it.Toward the actual customers and future customers your company is representing itself as just low efficient and waste of money for the service they are paying.Good luck fixing your reputation.


Astoria, NY
reply to rcncares
Restoration numbers keep going up in every borough but Queens. There are apparently more inaccessible sites today than on Saturday. We also don't get a specific list of sites to be addressed like they've linked to their site for Manhattan.

I apologize for some of my stronger comments above as conEd has indeed dropped the ball here as well. That pole at 28th & Ditmars being charred to a crisp, listing 30 degrees and useless since last Thursday is their fault. And they're giving themselves to the 9th to fix it.

This whole situation is unbelievable. I've contacted my councilman and congressmen. I can fathom no explanation for the situation in 11105 except for inadequate allocation of labor.