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Berkeley, CA
reply to NetFixer

Re: [Speed] new "Performance Promo" is mostly unusable

Thanks - that's a reasonable reply.

Problem is, the bad performance is clearly associated with time of day. At times it runs at wire speed (20 down and 10 or so up). But "waking hours" and ALL weekend it is essentially unusable. And, that's with one person OR three people. None is doing anything but page loads.

Were there an issue with QOS (which I do not set) it would be constant.

This is up the pipe, and either a misconfiguration or - as i suspect - over provisioned. I am happy to retract the latter when it gets resolved.

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An overcrowded node (and here I am using the network engineer's generic definition of node, not Comcast's limited and redefined definition for a fiber-coax media converter), can happen with any shared network. An extremely overcrowded access concentrator was one of the reasons I dropped AT&T DSL.

What you are seeing used to be quite common on Comcast. But for the most part it has been fixed by their DOCSIS 3 upgrades (which is not to say that some areas might not still have that problem). You might try to get Comcast to re-provision your account and make sure that you have the proper config file pushed to your modem to see if that helps.

On thing you might try is to clone the MAC address of one of your PCs into the WAN interface of your Juniper firewall (and then reboot both the modem and the firewall). That might get you a new DHCP assigned address in a different IP address block than you currently have; and that might mean different routing and better performance. I have seen that improve things on Comcast connections (but it is a long shot).
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