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Re: where do I get my winter tired put on?

said by Kardinal:

said by urbanriot:

... except you seem to trying to provide a 'helpful tip' when there isn't one to provide. Costco's Michelin - Energy 132 MXV4 S8 will be the same as everyone else's Michelin - Energy 32 MXV4 S8. It obviously won't be the same as Michelin - Pilot MXM4.

No, I'm actually comparing a MXV4-S8 sold on a new car to one that is sold by a tire company as a replacement tire and saying they likely *won't* be the same. They'll have the same pattern, but will be made with a different rubber compound with a different wear rating (as noted upthread by koira See Profile). If the one from a dealer is rated for 40k km, while the aftermarket one is 75k km, is that the same tire? The ones on new cars are often optimized for fuel economy to help the car reach the EPA ratings in real world conditions, but that can be at the expense of handling characteristics or tread life because it's what the manufacturer's want (ie/ "the new car gets great gas mileage!" not "my car's tires are three years old have 70k km on them, and they're still good").

I was trying to provide information I've acquired through conversations with people who work in the industry that the tires with the same name can be and are often different depending on if they are for use on new car delivery or aftermarket retail, and a social forum of non-industry people have chosen not to believe me based on their own opinions on the subject. I'm fine with that.

Speaking from experience i can comment there is a difference on road hazard warranty on OEM vs aftermarket of the same tire.
But concerning wear if OEM lasts 40 K vs after market of the same model tire lasts 70 K that translates to the original equipment tires are made with softer compound and that would result in lower fuel economy due to extra friction. That's reverse of your argument on a new car delivering EPA rating isn't it ?

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said by koira:

Speaking from experience i can comment there is a difference on road hazard warranty on OEM vs aftermarket of the same tire.

that likely has to do with the auto manufacturer...when you buy a new car, your tire's warranty is from the auto company, not the tire company...it is quite possible the auto company chooses less warranty for a price break.
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