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laura h

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Re: [help] Is my landlord is ripping me off? wont let me see cab

Well, its actually my landlords sister and brother in law who live in the upper level of the house. It's their cable bill and when we moved in, the landlord said to work out the money situation with them upstairs for the cable. I have this suspicion this is an illegal two family. That is probably why they were against us getting our own cable... It only makes sense. Since I can't afford to dish out 3 months rent money all over again, its going to have to be like this for the meantime. I just feel $60. Is a lot for two boxes when It wasn't my idea to have the gold package. I'll pay 60 if that's what its worth. So if you guys are saying I'm getting a good deal, then I won't confront him. I'd rather not make it an uncomfortable situation with them if I don't have to.


North Bergen, NJ

You are getting a good deal even though it is not the proper way to get cable service. Your DVR and the other box would be almost $30.00 so you are paying around $30.00 for the gold package. If you only wanted broadcast basic then you are paying too much. But if you wanted a more expensive package then you are getting a good deal. Like you said I would leave it alone for now and enjoy the gold package.