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Light Will Pierce The Darkness
Nepean, ON
reply to ZyWall Owner

Re: ZyWall 2WG vs Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH

said by ZyWall Owner :

but a friend said that I should remove the Zywall and only use the Buffalo (It's Allegedly Faster). The Buffalo has not come in yet and now I'm not sure which way to go. Any suggestions?

Your Friend is correct. If your friend is your friend whats this Allegedly business?

If your wireless clients are CAPABLE then the Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH will provide significant improvement in bandwidth and range. If your wireless clients are only compatible then your results will be mixed. There is a very big difference between capability and compatibility. Find out how capable your wireless clients are then match that to the WZR-HP-G300NH capabilities-- the closer the match the better will be the results.
David Mozer
IT-Expert on Call
Information Technology for Home and Business

Zywall Owner

Sorry I'm an old dog so the allegedly is me fighting the truth that my 2WG needs to be upgraded. The clients are capable so I'm going to go ahead and keep the Buffalo and move on. Mozerd: I didn't see your post before I replied with my list of machines attached to the zywall. I appreciate your confirmation and let my friend know that I was being a schmuck. Thanks again.