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Little Rock, AR
·Verizon FiOS
reply to ChrisUK

Re: Swapping Router at FiOS Store

OP stated "over wifi". Depending on distance, interference, non-N, etc you'll prob never get 75/35 over wifi. If you get a wireless N router and if your PS3 supports wireless N, you might get it or come close.

At my house on wireless G, I'm lucky if I get over 20Mbps. On my wireless N network (5Ghz) I can get full/decent speeds as long as I am not too far away from the router. I have 75/35. I have 3 xbox360's and all are connected via hardwire/CAT6.

Woodbridge, VA
I can hit 150Mb/s on the speed tests over wireless through my Asus RT-N56U router and RT-N56U in AP mode. I'm on the 150/65 tier.
Although I can't hit the 155Mb/s that I can when using a wired connecion. But 150Mb/s is good enough. It's no issue if you have the proper wireless equipment and have it setup properly.

I had to test multiple wireless channels to find one that gave me those faster speeds.

But getting 75Mb/s throughput over wireless was never an issue. Even when using my old Dlink DAP-1522 APs/Bridges.