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Hilliard, OH

No HD available above channel 208

We got our Ultra service installed on Monday. Everything went well except the HD channels above 208 would not work (said we were not subscribed). The tech called in and waited on hold until his phone battery died. He left and said we could resume troubleshooting tomorrow.

I called that night and held for 45+ minutes. I explained the problem and they transferred me to the Ultra support. When the tech there picked up, said they could not hear me and told me to call back. I called back and held for 45+ again, got transferred again and same thing. Grrr.

I called back again (3rd time, 45+ minutes again) and got someone who said she would not transfer me but would try to fix it. She ended up resetting the gateway which terminated the call (WOW phone also). No fix.

I called today (same hold time) and was getting transferred. I told him what happened the last two times and he took down my cell number so they could call me back in the event it happened again. Apparently, he did not pass the message or they didn't want to do it or whatever, but disconnect and no return call.

I called back AGAIN and got a guy who tried to make some changes to the system and reset everything. No fix.

There is a guy I work with that got service a couple of days before me and had this exact issue. He got a tech on the phone that figured out it was a pairing/balance issue on the card(?). Made a change and, BINGO, up and running. I asked for that same examination and was told it did not appear to be the issue.

Anyone dealing with this symptom? Is it going to get resolved?



Sounds like an account issue. Could be the cable cards are not paired or the services on your account are not correct. Either way tell them to check these two things out next time you talk to them. hope this helps!


reply to klaymon

Exact same problem I had. They have your account set to the wrong level of service. Send wow_dan a private message with your account number and he can probably fix it.

Just a suggestion, In the future don't call them on your wow phone. The few times I have had a problem a gateway reset was part of the solution which will end the call.


Hilliard, OH
reply to yesyesyay

Those are the two things I specifically mentioned when I called last time and "everything looks good".

Alan, definitely learned my lesson there.

I sent WOW_Dan an IM. I really hope he can help.


Hilliard, OH

Many kudos to WOW_Dan. I now have my full cable service.

Chicago, IL
reply to klaymon

I having the same issue, last week I switch to ultra tv with 30mbp internet I notice I wasnt getting my HD channels in and my encore movie channels, I would get a message about the cable card, i called wow they sent a tech who said it was because of an upgrade they are doing to their system, but after reading the forum I see other people had the same issue and it was a pairing/balance issue on the cable card, so I checked my account online and they have me down as bundle with digital tv signature wit 30mbps and I should be ultra tv signature with 30mbps, my acct is set to the wrong level of service, i have the box for ultra so am thinking my service being sent to my box is incorrect and causing my issue as well, I contact WOW_Dan via email and Im with my info hope he can help, I post results if any for future reference.