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Re: I hate to be a prick but...

I said, I do not feel comfortable sharing them with you.
Why would you not tell them it's because of the caps? The more attrition the caps generate, the more likely they are to increase them. If you don't tell them, the cancellation reason will be listed as "not given" and not attributed to the cap.



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The ultimate reason is I don't like how Rogers does business. I have to call and cancel to get their best pricing? Ridiculous.


Everyone hates Rogers. They should do a poll because I can't name one of my friends that isn't physically enraged when someone brings up that company.

I cancelled last month and the guy tried offer me discounts, I stopped him mid sentence because I didn't want him to waste his breath. That company needs an exodus of clients so they learn that gouging your customers has consequences. I've been with rogers for 2 decades, and I'll honestly never deal with them again for anything. If they start making kidneys and I'm dying.. I'll die.
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Re: I hate to be a prick but...

All kinds of reasons were given. Poser said it was for a better deal. When 70% off was rejected, the reason didn't change. It's still "for a better deal". Better deal doesn't always mean better price and in this case, I think it's safe to assume that after 70% off was rejected, price wasn't the only meaning behind "better deal". The longevity of the customer also suggests a customer who is very dissatisfied.

If Rodgers is paying attention, the reason given is "left for better deal and rejected counter offer". IMO -- that says it all.