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London, ON
reply to Ree

Re: Rogers Interenet Speed Upgrade... It is official now...

said by Ree:

...apparently they can upgrade instantly but I was told the downgrade had to wait until next billing cycle.

Common sense says Rogers just handed you a bunch of bunk.

They simply make an adjustment on the bill same as they would for an upgrade. Customer Care can upgrade or downgrade the account instantly. They say it takes 4 to 6 hours to take effect. Mine was instantaneous.

It's just a cash grab like that 30 day cancel policy. NOTHING takes 30 days to do on a computerized account period.......


Scarborough, ON
It goes the same with phone company! I try to cancel my Primus! They say I have to give him 30 days! How am I give them 30 days when I transfer my number over!

And I with them for 6 years... no contract! Where the hell did I need to give you 30 days notices when I have no contract!

If my Boss lay me off, does he give me a 30 days notices? CRTC should step in and put a stop this!


said by clementlo:

If my Boss lay me off, does he give me a 30 days notices? CRTC should step in and put a stop this!

A lot employers would give you 30 days notice. I've never heard of anyone getting less than 14 for full time work. Rarely would you ever need to work the notice, just cash in your pocket.


Scarborough, ON
They will pay you Severance Pay and it is the law + your vacation. Not a notices!

When they lay you off they will just escort you out the door the very day! saw enough! They will not tell you that you going to get layoff.

But that beside the point! I didn't sign a contract therefore, I should need to give them any notices! When I go shopping, I don't have to give them notices if I shop somewhere else do I?