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Re: OK keeping with my always one step behind now ASUS TF-201

Absolute size of the display has no bearing on viability of noticing the difference in resolution.

Relative size means everything. We have our 10" tablets much closer to our eyes than our HDTVs. The difference is even more obvious up close.
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Key West, FL

Not really....

Don't know how much you stick you tablet in your face... but mine is usually the better part of 2ft away.

In fact holding it up at it usual distance the 10 inch screen just about covers my 42" inch TV across the room but the exact same 720p image, looks noticeably better on the tablet just because the relative image pixel dpi is so much higher.

Again the difference on the 42" with 1080p is night and day even across the room.

But I have seen 1080p tablets and switching between 720p and 1080p is marginally noticeable at best by comparison. No where near the huge difference it is on a large screen.

IMHO not really worth the added battery drain and CPU load costs (to be able to do other demanding stuff in the background), and well as added $$ cost.

When they (and most content) are all 1080p, well fine... but right now I'll take hundred or two lower cost, and longer battery life, for the slight improvement.

But then there is still the bandwidth issue on a shared connection for 1080p (I rarely use tablet at home) Plus 1080p takes 4x the storage so even gets problematic for having a lot stored material, until tables start having like 250GB or more.