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Ronkonkoma, NY
·Optimum Online
reply to Network Guy

Re: Hurricane damage to office, need static IP

said by Network Guy:

said by frdrizzt:

I don't recall how the CMTSs are set up, but it might be that each Static IP block will only work on the CMTS that the business account's node is on.

Seeing as Cablevision owns and issues IP addresses from non-portable blocks to their customers, that would be an educated assumption.

I know the addresses from DHCP work like that, but the static IP ranges don't come from the DHCP servers, which is why I'm not 100% certain.

Network Guy
New York
·Future Nine Corp..
·T-Mobile US
I'd think CV allocates a certain pool of addresses for static assignments the same way that it does for dynamic ones as it needs to, and I would hope the static pools use assignments that are generally not identified as dynamic. It would defeat the purpose of getting a static address to a certain extent.

Of course there's the stupid way of doing it like Verizon DSL does. They add a MAC reservation to an address from the dynamic pool. You technically get the same address all the time, except the RBL's still think you're a spammer.

Dog And Butterfly
East Stroudsburg, PA

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Yes OOL does has specific blocks for static IPs. nltech mentioned in a post that it shows up as static.

»Re: Optimum Wifi Ip-addresses

edit oops forget it completely wrong.

Remember that the port on the CMTS where the user will send packets must have as one of its IPs the gateway address for the specific /29 subnet assigned to the user. Exactly how that is assigned to the port I am not sure it could be as simple as the DHCP server uses a static assignment based on the Customers static routers MAC address and assigns it to the CMTS but it also could be that the CMTS has it assigned statically to the correct port

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