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Dan A

Kendall Park, NJ

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CW Programing Now Blacked out on WPSG on Comcast

WPIX is having Comcast of Central New Jersey CW programing blacked out on WPSG HD 911 we are still getting the CW on WPSG in SD on 254. It seem will only amount to two hours a night. Tribune must be desperate. Just because they can does not mean they should. They are grasping at straws over very few viewers.


Weirton, WV
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Re: CW Programing Now Blacked out on WPSG HD on Comcast

It is up to wpix if they want to block out prime time programming on any competing affiliates. Sounds like wpsg is an significantly viewed affiliate so wpix is in their rights to black out wpsg.

I have 3 significantly viewed stations (ABC,NBC AND CBS) from pittsburgh here (actually more qualify but comcast won't offer them for some reason).
The good thing is the two local affiliates (one is abc,cbs and fox the other is just nbc) haven't asked to have the pittsburgh affiliates primetime programming blacked out YET.

Dan A

Kendall Park, NJ

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I am fully aware of this. Years ago years ago in 1993 WNBC forced Comcast/Storer to drop KYW for similar reasons. KYW did not return until 2007 many years after it had become a CBS O&O. After the switch affiliation switch between KYW and WCAU happened in 1995 WNBC never made Comcast drop WCAU i guess because because it was now a sister NBC O&O they did not care.


Brick, NJ
reply to Dan A
Another point of interest. CW57 is affiliated with CBS3 in Philly. If CW programming was on WPHL instead you would not have that problem since Tribune owns both WPIX and WPHL. Also back in the day when WPIX used to be in South Jersey systems all of their primetime programs plus first run syndicated shows were blacked out to protect the Philly channels rights.

Dan A

Kendall Park, NJ
Tonight SD is also backed out. Is CW programing on WPSG being blacked out in Toms River and Lambertville? This could also effect LBI system is is is still up and running.

Dan A

Kendall Park, NJ
The Comcast PIX requested CW blackout message comes on promptly at 8pm and turns off Promptly at 10 pm on 911 in HD just in time for the 10 pm Eyewitness news. On 254 is another story they have turned it on a few minutes late and then forget to turn it off at 10pm and I have had to contact Comcast to take it down. My concern is if they were to keep leaving it up Comcast will decide to get rid of WPSG on both 254 and 911. I would rather have WPSG with blacked out CW programing then no WPSG at all.

Dan A

Kendall Park, NJ
It's seems like the blackout of CW programing has now been lifted. I would assume that (just a guess) WPSG/CBS possibly threatened to black out CW Programing on WPIX in Mercer County unless it was lifted.