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Washington, DC

How to use the DVR

Hi all,

Newbie here. Coming from RCN with TiVo.
Newbie question here, so don't laugh.

For the life of me, I cannot find a user guide / manual for using the Cisco 435HDC box. The user guide on VZ support is just for hooking up cables and such. But how do I record 2 shows simultaneously, schedule recording, hooking up an external drive, etc., etc. (With RCN TiVO, I can at least download a detailed user guide for operating the box.) Is there a guide/manual somewhere on VZ that I somehow just missed?

Please help.


Keller, TX
There is no manual for doing that for the Cisco DVR. However, the procedure for doing most things is the same for the Cisco and Motorola DVRs. Here is a link to a document I wrote where I tried to cover much of the configuration and use of the Verizon DVRs.


I hope this will help.


Pittsburgh, PA
Justin -

Thank you so much! This is great!



Keller, TX
said by JAH_PGH:

Justin -

Thank you so much! This is great!


Glad you like it, thanks for the feedback.

After I wrote and posted the document on the Verizon Forums, I provided the MS Word source to Verizon, hoping they would take ownership, correct any errors and fill out the incomplete areas, and then make the document available to both their customers and support reps as official Verizon info, and then update it to reflect the new functions in the 1.9.1 level of the IMG. Unfortunately none of that has occurred.

The link I provided is a direct link to the document itself. If you are interested, here is a link to the thread at the Verizon Forums where I originally included the document:


You might find some additional useful information in the thread.
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Washington, DC
reply to Nu2FiOS
Justin, thank you so much. It's very helpful.

I wonder why VZ doesn't publish a guide for customers. How else do they expect new customers to use the service - trial and error? At the very least they should publish a guide on their site. What's wrong with them? Is this too much to ask, Verizon? With RCN, they publish very detailed guides on their site and RCN is just a small regional company and VZ is a multi-billions co.! Kind of missing RCN right now and especially the TiVo. All I can say is, VZ, don't make me regret my choice to switch to you.


Santa Monica, CA
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reply to Nu2FiOS
Verizon FiOS runs continuous tutorials on channel 1. They also provide help videos through Menu/Customer Support/Help Videos.

You can also download install Verizon InHome Agent on your computer, although my own opinion is that this program isn't very useful.

I have the Motorola HD DVR. Verizon also calls the guide for this box a user guide but it's also just an installation guide.


Yucaipa, CA
reply to Nu2FiOS
said by Nu2FiOS:

Kind of missing RCN right now and especially the TiVo.

So buy a Tivo and get a Fios cable card.