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How much of Verizon's current footprint IS NOT 3G?

"Executives had said the company would match its 3G CDMA footprint with LTE coverage by the end of 2013."

How much of its current footprint IS NOT 3G? Why?


Austin, TX
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A vanishingly small percentage of VZW's network isn't 3G, and those sites are out in the middle of nowhere, far from bandwidth availability etc.

The bigger question is how much of Verizon's roaming coverage isn't 3G, for whatever reason. In central TX, Five Star Wireless/West Central Wireless has chosen GSM/HSPA+ as their upgrade path rather than EvDO, so their CDMA network is sitting at 1xRTT.


Tuscaloosa, AL
reply to PastTense
There's one small stretch of I-20/59 (maybe five miles at the most) between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham where my phone always drops to 1x. I have no idea why that's the case, as the rest of the way is either LTE or 3G. I was hoping they'd fix it when they turned on LTE in Tuscaloosa, but it's still there.

Other than that, I noticed some 1x areas still on U.S. 82 across Mississippi, but that was a year and a half ago, I think, so I'm not sure of the status of those places now. Also, in Tuscaloosa, there are some places down 69S that are still 1x, and weak at that. That one is odd, since that area has exploded in terms of population in the last 10 years or so, making it by far the fastest-growing part of the metro area, yet Verizon's coverage has never quite caught up.

Blue Rock, OH
reply to iansltx
I know when roaming on US Cellulars network all you will get is 1xRTT and most of there network is 3G. I spent two weeks in Oaland, MD on storm dammage from Sandy and that really sucked. The funny thing is when I happen to be in Haggerstown I had Verizon LTE over extended network voice on US Cellular! Another interesting market expansion in that same part of the country was Morgantown, WV where Verizon put up a whole new network of 1xRTT for voice and LTE for data with no 3G at all. The way it looks for data they are mainly concentrating on LTE buildout from here on.