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Vancouver, BC
reply to bimmerdriver

Re: I have had enough with this

said by bimmerdriver:

If only they offered a modem. Oh wait, they have a modem (ALU), but they don't offer it any more.

You don't want the ALU, I've had three of the modems die on me so far!
The more I C, the less I see.


The ALU's work great. Telus still offers them to business customers that have their own rackmount router, and only need a modem from Telus.

That being said, the Speedtouch is also still currently being 'installed' in certain cases. Mainly business's that have their own router, and are on 6mbit internet or less.

I ran my speedtouch personally all the way up to 15mbit. Which is as high as adsl2+ goes. When I switched to vdsl, I ran the actiontec for a while (in bridging mode), then recently switched to an ALU. Can't be happier with the ALU.

The speedtouch should work for the OP. If not, it is possible to get ALU's. They'll have to dispatch a tech though, as I don't think they're available through the mail. Tech's should be carrying them on their truck, as business installs commonly use them.


reply to pfak
said by pfak:

You don't want the ALU, I've had three of the modems die on me so far!

For me this is incorrect, my ALU survived a dusty renovation with a plastic bag over it for a number of months. I also heard if you keep this modem on it's side it helps the heat escape better., which may or may not be true.