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Putnam, CT
reply to Daemon

Re: We've passed Peak Apple....

said by Daemon:

said by Nezmo:

I do, however, believe that Apple is now in a long-term, mid to slow downturn. I expect to see some more ups in the stock but IMHO Apple is now on the slow decline from it's pedestal.

So you agree with me that the evidence in the article isn't strong, then agree with the central premise of the article? What are you using as your evidence? Just a gut feeling?

It's speculation as to the real reason about the Maps debacle. No one outside of Apple truly knows, so slow the roll a bit.
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Berkeley, CA

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said by ptrowski:

It's speculation as to the real reason about the Maps debacle. No one outside of Apple truly knows, so slow the roll a bit.

Not trying to start a fight here--was just genuinely curious if Nezmo See Profile had more thinking beyond what he/she had already said.

In my speculative opinion, the stock price drive we're seeing is just the first manifestation of the fear that now that Steve Jobs is gone the company is going to fall into mediocrity. I suspect people felt fine at first because the company's momentum carried it in the exact same direction it was just before he died. Now that Forstall is out and the mini pricing was higher than expected, people are starting to see Cook do things differently and the uncertainty (the great enemy of wall street) is manifesting.

Now everyone is piling on, including an article on Slate today. It's just a bunch of bandwagon jumping that seems a little bit over blown. Firing an executive does not cause a company to collapse-- typically it should be viewed as a bullish sign that the executive team is willing to keep moving forward instead of crashing into politics and poor performance.

I think there was also a ton of newbie investors jumping on the Apple share bandwagon that are now freaked and are getting out as soon as they can. That will eventually end where there are no more newbies to remove and the selling pressure will stop. If I'm right, in 6 months or so sentiment will flip and the stock price, while maybe not at all-time highs, will be growing again.

Note that a 20% drop in the stock price = a 20% rise in the dividend yield.
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