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Re: Had my sb5101u provisioned but now no phone signal

I'm kind of confused. How exactly am I supposed to have my new and old modem connected at the same time. The old one just has the power and a telephone connected to it. Wouldn't I need to have a coaxial cable still screwed in?


Upland, CA

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You don't. You either have your old modem connected until they call you that they have provisioned your new modem in the database and/or it goes dead. Once they provision your new modem your old modem is dead. Then you can connect your new modem and connect the coax cable to it and power it up.

OR you are on the phone with them (don't use a VOIP phone) and you setup your new modem with them while you are on the phone.

ETA: Seems cramer has it right. You didn't state your phone was from TWC as well so none of what I posted applies.

Raleigh, NC
reply to MisterBob
If I understand you correctly, your phone is provided by the cable company. Thus you will need *your* modem (for internet) AND *their* modem (for phone) plugged in at the same time. This is done with a little device called a splitter. Go back to where you bought your modem and buy a splitter.

(The phone modem will have to be rebooted to load the new configuration.)


reply to MisterBob
My new SB5101U modem was provisioned quite quickly. I hooked up the new modem to the coax and powered it up before calling. I always call Tech Support via my cell phone very late at night, such as 1-2 AM. The Techs I reach at that time of night are usually bored and eager to assist, explain, provision while I have them on the line. They can even test the modem right then, too, while you are on your cell phone. Regardless of when you call, ask specifically for "Internet Tech Support", not regular customer support, and your chances of getting it immediately provisioned are increased. And if there is any problem, since you already have them on your cell phone, they are right there to further test/assist.