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Re: [Business] Problems getting SB6121 added/provisioned

You had to call in to get the SB6121 provisioned for Business Class service? Strange...

My steps were;

1. Go to Costco and buy the SB6121

2. Come home and disconnect the SMCD3G

3. Connect the SB6121 directly to the computer and power on the modem

4. Open a browser and follow the steps in the Walled Garden

5. Disconnect the SB6121 from the computer and reconnect it to my Linksys router

6. Connect computer to the router - Done

7. No phone call to Comcast involved

Where I ran into problems were when I tried to return the SMCD3G to the local Comcast office.
The lady that helped me couldn't remove it from my business account but promised that she would take care of it once she contacted their main office. I made sure that I got a receipt for the gateway though.

Two months go by and the SMCD3g is STILL on my billing, so I had to call Comcast billing. They saw that I had returned the SMC but someone forgot to remove it from the account and they credited my account.

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I also had no problems using the walled garden to activate the SB6121 for my business class account. I had also previously been able to activate an old DOCSIS 2 DCM202 using the walled garden after the second time my SMCD3G-CCR was reset and taken out of bridge mode by a Comcast CSR. Both the SB6121 and the DCM202 now show on my on-line equipment inventory despite the fact that Comcast does not have the DCM202 on their approved list for business class usage.

I also had problems returning my SMCD3G-CCR. My local office refused to accept it because they said that they did not handle business class accounts at that office. I tried to get business class phone support to provide an RMA and a shipping address, but that also was not allowed. The only way I was able to return it was for the phone support CSR to schedule a tech visit to pick it up. I got a $99.95 charge on my bill for that call, but I was able to complain and get it removed from the bill.
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