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Question on HGV 3600 bridge mode

I just self-installed the new U-verse gateway (2wire HGV 3600).

This thing is huge, a true dinosaur. It's also as old as a dinosaur as it does not have n-WiFi!

In order to use my older router, I set it up in "bridge" mode, following these excellent suggestions:

Att forum post

However, I have two questions.

1. Step 8: "At this point, you can leave your router in DHCP mode (make sure the firewall on your router allows the DHCP renewal packets, which will occur every 10 minutes), or you can change your router's IP address assignment on the WAN interface to static, and use the same settings it received via DHCP."

Is that really true? Do we get a static IP for "free"? I seem to have noticed that my external WAN IP has not changed in the past 24 hours, I will keep monitoring it.

2. The lease time seems to be adjustable and not limited to 10 minutes:

BTW, I am getting 13152 kbps DN, 1536 kbps UP user rate, which translates to usable 10-11 Mbps, 1.4 kbps.
Noise margin is 26 dB, attenuation 15.8 dB.


Sunnyvale, CA
Older firmware DHCP implementation was a POS, had lease time of 10 min (not adjustable) and DHCP renewal came from the WAN side. Newer firmware seam to have fixed both issues.

I had the same WAN IP for 2 years. I still use dyndns service.


Milwaukee, WI
·AT&T Midwest
·Time Warner Cable
reply to germ65
said by germ65:

This thing is huge, a true dinosaur.

I agree. I am guessing they wanted to make sure it would make a good doorstop when it became obsolete.

For example, the Speedstream 4100 ADSL modem is deficient in that area.
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