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Pasadena, MD

Moving Unlimited LTE SIM Card?

I have a Razr Maxx (LTE 700 MHz band) with an unlimited grandfathered data plan.

If I take the SIM card out of the Razr Maxx and insert it into a JetPack hotspot, which I intend to purchase "retail" without a contract:

1. Will it work?

2. Will it impact my account or my contract in any way?

3. Will I still be unlimited?

Note: I don't intend to swap the SIM back and forth on a regular basis. If this works, I won't be inserting the SIM back into the Razr Maxx ever again.

Yes it will work. nope wont impact your contract at all and last yes your plan wont change.


Chardon, OH
reply to allquixotic
Ive done this with my Tbolt and a USB LTE adapter. As long as the sim is the same size it will work. I cant say if verizon will crack down on it. I only used it for a few nights, transfered about 10 GB of data (LTE is about 5x faster than my garbage local highspeed providers).

The O.C.
reply to allquixotic
tried asking the same question here but instead of a JetPack I was gonna switch it to a 4G tablet. Ill be following this since a JetPack would be even nicer.

I have read that if its a device that can be used on the Verizon network, Verizon can not stop you from switching between devices because of the 700 mhz FCC rules they agreed to.

True verizon cant crack down on it fcc agrement to buy 700 lol.

Pasadena, MD
reply to allquixotic
Thanks to everyone who replied. This does seem to be accurate based on discussions with Verizon reps, but I haven't made a move yet.


Fishkill, NY
reply to verizonlteda
Good to know. I have unlimited on my S3 but only 5GB on MIFI.

I don't use the Mifi much but good to know I could put my S3 SIM in it if I really need the extra data sometime.