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Generator:Use existing 240/30a as feed to transfer switch

I have an outside Air Conditioning circuit breaker.
Because of location, I can add external female socket -for generator- from outside house to outside AC breaker. I would connect the other end at the main house panel (240v/30 a breaker) to the transfer switch kit-Reliance. I understand I can only support 30 a generator and this would be for winter outages.
Would this work or what is wrong/unsafe?


Pierrefonds, QC

1 - Most AC circuits I've seen don't have a neutral. You need a neutral, so the current cable isn't gonna work.

2 - Your inlet would be HOT/LIVE when it's not being used for the generator.

3 - You have to use an interlock kit on the 30A breaker for safety/code reasons. That would mean that when you use utility power, that breaker is off, so your AC is no go.

tl;dr - No, it won't work. Yes it is wrong and unsafe.


reply to Redonion

That won't work as the 30amp breaker for the AC must be locked out when the main panel breaker is on which means if the utility company is supplying power to your panel your AC will be locked out.

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reply to Redonion

Don't cut corners, just pick up some 10/3 at Lowe's Depot and do it the right way. And don't cut corners on wire (which means any hot/neutral wires must be insulated and the bare copper wire is for grounding purposes only, I've heard news stories of kids being fried because an electrician cut corners and used the bare copper wire on 14/2 for a traveler wire on a three way switch instead of 14/3).

Do it right, don't cut corners. Having a kid or another loved one (or yourself) getting electrocuted is not worth saving $10 on wire. Get the right wire for the job. If you don't know how to or want to do it the right way, call a reputable electrician.

The incident involving the electrocuted kid, the electrician did not even pull the permits so it was never inspected.