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reply to elefante72

Re: Note to complainers

said by elefante72:

While retail pricing in Canada is abusive, they also regulate and have CLEC-type providers (TPIA) there. I switched my inlaws from Bell which had a 20GB limit (DSL) for $45/month to Teksavvy on the lite 6 Mbps with a 300 GB cap for $30. With the regulation, if the carrier increases the speed the TPIA gets the same benefit, so those people get a boost too. As a note this is Rogers who is the carrier.

When I cancelled the service the Bell guy automagically offered 20->60GB for free for 3 months, and I told them they have to get in the ballpark. They couldn't even come close.

Oh and if you go over 300 GB : 10 CENTS PER GIG. THey also have an unlimited tier....

Also, no modem fees however he had to buy a D3 modem for $100 which is no different than TWC here. That modem has 8 channel bonding so it should last a good 6-8 years.

Also, I think they over-provisioned because I regularly see over 10 Mbps, but no difference.

I think you would have a hard time finding 6Mbps/300GB for $30 in the US for a NORMAL (not promo) rate.

So we complain, but Canada has a more robust competitive model than the US.

blah ....blah ( i have 1600 GB capacity and 5 megabit ) blah ...blah blahhhh
smart people are laughing at you no really we are.


East Amherst, NY
They also have unlimited tiers too, unlike Rogers. So just because you have x capacity does not mean you will use it.

So maybe instead of blathering, you tell people where you get this deal and how much it costs? I'm always open to a better deal.

I have unlimited on FIOS too (50 Mbit), but last time I checked that wasn't up in Canada.