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Schaumburg, IL

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Re: Prepaid for about 1 month now


free voip up to 2000 minutes...integrates with Google Voice and can be integrated with the stock dialer. What I have been using for a few months now.

I love Debian
Fort Smith, AR

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Pbxes is sort of unreliable without using a paid account. The trunk also requires another sip or iax provider. I use Linphone with a few free providers, including pbxes, and let Google voice ring them all, including my cell. Something to be said about redundancy. To call out, I have Voice+ which gives me a choice of my cell line or letting gv call one of these lines, straight from my normal dialer. All calls show as my gv number, which I give everybody. That way, I can flee carriers without porting my number, but everyone can still call me. Been with AT&T on the lowest minute plan, unlimited text, and 3GB of data-in the $90 range per month postpaid. I get away with tethering, using OpenVPN. I make unlimited calls that work great over 4G and wifi. Data usage is low but I am under wifi 90% of the time or better. Linphone is great. Csipsimple(used to be excellent but now suffers bugs and bloat, as well as insane battery usage), 3cx, and Sipdroid are all overrated. Only issues with Linphone is using Bluetooth requires hacks(don't use it as I prefer my wired headset) and the need to manually set partial wakelock to keep calls smooth with screen off, as the app never requests one(prolly more a phone issue than an issue with Linphone). Call quality beats cell and rivals a landline.
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