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TSI Support
Chatham, ON
reply to ipanini

Re: [DSL] Basic question - Can MLPPP be applied with *ANY* ADSL

Hi there,

You would need to have both lines through the same provider, and subscribe to a provider that supports MLPPP.

You would want the provider to raise the 4.5 Mbps line to a higher profile if it supports it. Honestly, if they can't, you are going to see only a marginal improvement.

Would you like any further clarification on this? If so, please ask and we would be happy to do so.

Take care,


Hi Ashley and JeanInNepean,

Thanks both for your answer.
Yes I would like to have further clarification on the subject.

Perhaps first some more detail:
I use OS X mostly and also Linux. (some Solaris too but only for zfs NAS) Of course also a couple of windoze boxes around.

I realize that a traffic request going out on mac address #1 will receive its reply on that same mac #1.
I'm not familiar with MLPPP, but perhaps it would be possible to say: send each 1 (first) package via mac#2 and send each 2nd and 3rd package via mac #2.

Your suggestion about protocols;
I use a lot of nzb and torrent stuff, so perhaps there I could gain some benefit.

At the moment I have a pfsense machine running, as that was my first attempt to get some bandwidth increase. However I see no traffic over my 2nd (slowest) WAN. This will very probably be due to me misconfiguring pfsense or firewall rules. I was hoping to be able to first set up "pass all" on both WAN's and after verification of functionality and speed, do more narrowing down.

Also I have a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND (version 1.7) and am thinkering of running DD-WRT or MLPPP or something on it.

Anyhow I would prefer to have a solution that is available to any machine on my network, and not only for a single machine.

Open to your suggestions!
Thanks a lot!