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Two Verizon Routers on 1 Home Network = Problems

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Hi. This is my first time posting on these forums. People seem pretty friendly around here so I figure I'll give it a shot.

I'm having an issue with my home network. I'm using Verizon FIOS and the modem/router combo they gave me, in conjunction with another Verizon router that a previous owner has given to me.

I have 2 computers I'm trying to sync up on the network that are 7 rooms apart; my main PC/server and my HTPC connected to my HDTV. Each computer has it's own Verizon router hooked up to it via coax cable to connect to the internet/home network.

Router 1 (my main PC/server) is connected via coax and LAN1 is ethernet'd to my PC. Router 2 (my HTPC) is connected via coax and LAN2 is ethernet'd to my HTPC.

Whenever Router 2 is on, the wifi on Router 1 dies and the connection dips severely and drops constantly. When I turn Router 2 off, everything on Router 1 is fine again.

I've attached a little diagram I put together on how my home network is set up, along with the Verizon routers I'm using, as well as some extra devices I've tried using to remedy my problem. Even when connecting the Netgear N600 wireless router to Verizon Router 1, it dies when Router 2 is in use.



Colleyville, TX
You should only have one Internet connection, unless you have paid for dedicated IPs.

Disconnect Router 1 WAN, Connect Router 1 to Router 2 LAN to LAN and Disable DHCP on Router 1.

Warwick, RI
reply to zeth
Your pic shows the Coax WAN is lit, so that's your ONT data connection. Choose which Actiontec will connect as primary, let it boot up and do its thing with the second Actiontec powered off. If you don't want to or cannot run ethernet from the primary Actiontec to the second location, then connect the second Actiontec as a coax LAN bridge. Follow this FAQ. »Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »Can I get an ethernet connection in a room with only coax?


reply to Springbok
Thanks for the input, but connecting router 2 to router 1 is what I'm trying to avoid.

Yes, I am paying for only 1 service plan.

The Verizon tech drilled some nicely hidden holes for the coax cables in the PC room and the HTPC room. Coax is the only way I can connect each device. I can't run a giant Ethernet cable across 7 rooms to plug both routers together

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West Chester, PA
You can't have two coax WAN connections. If you try that the two routers will fight each other for the single WAN DHCP lease.

Use the »Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »Can I get an ethernet connection in a room with only coax? instructions that birdfeedr See Profile linked earlier. They allow you to connect both Actiontecs to the coax, but will disable the WAN connection on the second router. The two Actiontecs will be connected LAN-to-LAN. The second Actiontec becomes a MOCA LAN bridge, a switch and a WAP.
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