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Re: [CallCentric] Help with Callcentric -Phone Not Registered

Thanks for all the replies but I finally got it working! Callcentric had been suggesting I used callcentric.com as the outbound proxy. I looked at the screenshot bigpapae35 provided and saw the outbound proxy set as srv.callcentric.com. I had tried this as recently as a few days ago but it did not work. But now for some reason it works. As soon as I typed it in and hit save my phone registered! So now that everything works I’m wondering about all the settings Callcentric had me change. Here they are… Does all this look ok?

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
DNS Server Order: Manual
DNS Query Mode: Sequential

Handle VIA received: Yes
Insert VIA received: Yes
Handle VIA rport: Yes
Insert VIA rport: Yes
Send Resp To Src Port: Yes

Provisioning Enable: No

SIP Port: 5080
Register Expires: 60
Proxy Fallback Intvl: 60


Sheffield Lake, OH
If it works, roll with it man.....

Welcome back to the CallCentric universe.


reply to game04
those changes would only be an issue and would only have helped you if you were not getting proper DNS resolution with your ISP/router's programmed DNS servers -
anyways, let it go now, back to work!