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Re: [TWC] TWC still charged me modem rental fee!

TWC charged me $3.95 for the modem rental fee after I purchased a SB6141 from Amazon.com a few months ago. I did the online chat support thinking it would just be a simple fix. The analyst said I needed to return the modem with a particular serial number that she recited. I said I returned the TWC modem the day after I purchased the SB6141. I then looked at my cable modem settings and saw that the serial number she had recited was the one that I had purchased! Hilarious!

She said the case needed to be escalated to their escalation department. I waited for about 25 minutes in the chat session before I had to leave.


said by JHInAustin :

I waited for about 25 minutes in the chat session before I had to leave.

I left and came back. After about an hour of total time waiting for the person in the escalation department to respond, somebody finally connected to the chat window and was able to resolve the billing codes and refund the modem charge.


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It's better to call, imo.


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okay my bill shows the modem lease charge from november 9 to december 8. Does this mean i'm going to get charged for this no matter what and i better send back their box by like december 1 if i dont want to get charged another month for december 9 to may 8?