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Re: [WIN8] Windows 8 - best to pass it up: review Read more: ht

Yep I agree that upgrading from Windows XP/Vista/7 to Windows 8 aren't in their best interest. I do not (never did in my entire 15 years of repairing computers) recommend upgrading any OS to newer version. Only a clean install works best. It's the best way of enjoying the new OS.

But most of his article is focused on his upgrade problems and it shouldn't be portray "Windows 8 is bad".

Using Windows 8 is exactly the same method as using Windows 7. You move mouse to lower left corner in Windows 8, just like Windows 7. You click, start screen shows up, just like Windows 7's start menu. You click a desktop application on start screen, to run the application, just like Windows 7. Only different is the start screen vs start menu. And I understand the "shock" of it.

It's the perception of "throwing to metro-land" and "throwing back to desktop land". Yes it's shocking at first but now I'm used to it, it's nothing. It's the perception that you MUST use Windows 8 Apps on Windows 8 when you can use your old Windows software that you used on Windows 7 on Windows 8 perfectly fine.

Vive Vivaldi
Irving, TX
Speaking of that lower left corner... any way to change that in the release version? I've moved the taskbar up to the top ever since Win95...

Also, yeah, upgrading to 8 to take advantage of the $40 upgrade offer. For sure. XP's age really hit home today--can't use all of my 3TB drive.
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